Inspire 42 PBIS Framework

Overall, the school sets in place reward systems to improve the social climate and culture of the student population, while improving their grades and attitudes about school life. This is accomplished by a high level of acknowledgements to our students from our teachers (verbal and tangible). Our goal is to teach behavioral expectations that will fall in line with our W.I.S.E. values here at the school, which are: Wisdom, Integrity, Self-Respect and Excellence. These are the 4 focused expectations we want our students to exhibit. A PBIS team is established at the start of the school year to include grade level teachers, a social worker, paraprofessionals, deans of students, academic administrators and the principal. The team meets at least 1-2 times per month to discuss and plan activities and rewards meant to inspire our students and staff to reach expected behavioral and academic goals to improve their success. We are using our Powerpoint (computer-based) program to document student incidents and behaviors which track student behaviors and keeps an ongoing record of student activity for the entire school year. The end result will be that the student benefits by reaching the expected goals or may have to continue working to achieve the expected goal.